Killing time?


The latest edition of People Management is bit of a shocker.

Apparently, more than 10% of all employees have imagined murdering their boss. I have to say I’ve fantasised about confronting several of my former bosses, and I will admit to relief when I heard the worst one had died (because he was dishonourable in both his personal and professional life.  I once took a call from his mistress……….). But murder?

Then, PM also reports that – according to CABA, a benevolent body for accountants (do they need such a thing?  Biased, moi?) – more than a quarter of the workforce gets into conflict with a manager or a colleague at least once a fortnight.  Struth!

All this got me thinking.  We have a productivity issue in the UK – and we’ve had one for a long time.  I researched and wrote about it when I was doing my CIPD course in the early 1990s and little has changed since.  Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium all have a much better productivity quotient than us, according to the Office for National Statistics.  Why??

Productivity is a tricksy thing to measure and a lot of the data may be inaccurate. However, in a recent Guardian article, Howard Davies, Chair of RBS, pointed to weak management in the UK in comparison with other Western European countries.

The alarming extent of dissatisfaction in the workplace indicates he is right.  If we improve management, perhaps employees will waste less energy on conflict and resentment and become more productive.

Happy = productive?  I’d say yes.

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