I grew up in the North London suburbs.  I did a degree in Modern Languages (including two 6-month study periods in Italy and France) and subsequently worked and trained in social work.  Later, I moved into Learning and Development and then into mainstream HR.  I did my CIPD qualification part-time and have been a Fellow of the CIPD since 2004.

I have worked in all 3 sectors, but mostly in the not-for-profit sector, particularly social care, mental health and housing.  I am passionate about the contribution HR can make to people’s wellbeing and performance at work.  I trained as a mediator in 2006 and see mediation as the viable – and under utilised – alternative to many formal dispute processes.  I am also passionate about live arts (heavily involved in my local theatre club, trustee of a theatre company and member of a community choir).  I’ve written published theatre – and occasionally music – reviews for over 30 years, and 4 plays.

Long married to a techie, we have a son who is also a techie.  Talking of which, I am a teensy bit addicted to Twitter.

Jacky Hilary

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